Graphic illustrating leighton buzzard salvation army hall



Leighton Buzzard Salvation Army Timbrels are always popular in any programme of Salvationist music and song. And Timbrels, an eye-catching display on special occasions, are an integral part of our worship during Sunday meetings, being used to accompany lively songs and choruses. We are encouraged by Scripture to praise the Lord with Timbrel and dance and this we still do at Leighton Buzzard Salvation Army.

Timbrel playing in The Salvation Army has a long history stretching back to the very foundation of the organisation. The  Mansfield commanding officer, Captain Charles Rothwell, saw a tambourine in a pawnbrokers window and decided that Mrs Rothwell should become a tambourine player. Mrs Rothwell used her new tambourine “on the march” and created quite an impression. In fact a local paper commented that the instrument:

“filled the devil with disgust, the newspapers with comments,
the barracks with people and helped sinners into the fountain”!

Timbrel playing has certainly developed since those early days and modern Timbrel drills by Leighton Buzzard Salvation Army Timbrels to marches, choruses, gospel music and selections from the classics feature regularly on programmes at The Salvation Army.

Anyone who has been in a Salvation Army meeting will testify that the Timbrel, in the expert hands of modern Salvationists, adds a typical Blood and Fire feel to the Good News of the Gospel.